Introduction of KIZASHI

Introduction of KIZASHI

Our company is a retainer-based executive search firm specialized in search for management, executives and professionals.

We search and introduce personnel for our corporate clients upon request. We form a project team by assigning experienced consultant with expertise in the client’s specified area to find professionals and corporate executives in management after concluding the retainer contract for recruitment.

Our candidates are not selected from a pool of job seekers; we directly approach successful professionals in their current positions, and evaluate their experience and skill set as well as compatibility and chemistry between their values and goals and the client company.

In order to introduce the best suited candidates for the position and to fulfill the needs of the client company, we receive a retainer fee at conclusion of our contract. All of our search activities are committed towards the successful outcome of the search assignment.

Origin of Our Company Name, KIZASHI

When a company achieves a rapid advancement, there is an opportunity for the human capital to be put in place. We decided to name our company “KIZASHI” by setting our corporate mission to create “kizashi (a sign of successful future)” for development and growth of corporations and business professionals that are determined to proactively create their future path without being passive.

>The kanji character for “KIZASHI -兆-” comes from the ancient Chinese character, which represents tortoiseshell used in fortune telling.

Vision of KIZASHI Group

KIZASHI Corporation aims to help our corporate clients resolve management issues from various perspectives including business succession, organizational reform, business partnership, and M&A, while having executive search as its core approach. We contribute to solving issues of our clients by utilizing partnerships with external professionals to cater to the needs of our clients.

Corporate Profile

Established November 2011 (commencement of operation in 2012)
Executive Representative Tamotsu Kondou
Director & Partner Reiko Ishikawa
Director & Partner Hideki Ishibe
Tokyo Office
Marunouchi Mitsui Building 9F
2-2-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-6273-4106
Osaka Office
Orix Honmachi Building
Nishihonmachi 1-4-1, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka
TEL: 06-6532-5700
Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare License Number 27-ユ-301441