Creation and Realization of “KIZASHI”

Corporations, pursuing to expand business by reforms and move forward into a new stage for the future,
and business professionals, striving to grow by blazing a new path to the future
HIKIZASHI's mission is to create "kizashi (a sign of future success)" for development and growth of these corporations
and business professionals and transform such "kizashi” into a reality, For business professionals with superb personality, skill set, and achievements, we will become your partner in building a solid career with long term perspectives. For corporations with strong will to strive for growth and reform,
we will become your partner in building an organization by introducing the most suitable personnel in a timely manner. Our executive search consultants, with proven track records, will work with you to confront any issue that is encountered
and are determined to add significant value throughout the process by utilizing our vast experience and wide networks.