Our Business

Message to Our Client Companies:
Introduction of Candidates Which Leads to Achievement of Objectives

KIZASHI provides a retainer-based executive search service based on our in-depth understanding of business and corporate issues confronted by our client company. We support the recruitment of the best suited personnel who can truly contribute to our client company through not only specification matching but also finely tuned “consultation-based search”, emphasizing the chemistry between candidate’s personality and value as well as corporate culture at the client company.
>Retainer-based search differs from contingent search; retainer-based search firm receives upfront retainer fee for providing exclusive search upon client’s request.

Message to Our Prospective Candidates:
Career Development with Long-Term Perspectives

We initiate contacts with high achieving business professionals with outstanding qualification and abilities. We introduce not only the position suitable for the existing skills and experiences but also to propose career choice, which will broaden their horizons and maximize their potential. Even for a person who is not actively seeking new career opportunities, we are confident that discussion with our search consultants will be inspiring and meaningful.

  • Clients:

    Our Japanese and non-Japanese clients are a diverse group of corporations, from unlisted start-ups and owner companies with establishment to global companies with over few trillion yen in sales and investment funds.

  • Industries:

    -Life Science
    -Professional Services
    -Private Equity, etc.

    Search consultants with vast business experiences are assigned to projects in their area of expertise and conduct thorough and speedy searches for our clients.

  • Search Assignments:

    Various C-level positions including CEO, CFO, CIO, CSO, etc.
    External Director, External Auditor, Full-time Auditor, General Manager of Business Division, President of Overseas Entity, President of strategically positioned subsidiary, President of acquired company, General Manager of Corporate Planning, General Manager of HR, Accounting, and Information Systems, Marketing Director, Manager of M&A Division, IPO Manager, etc.
    Experts and Engineers of specific areas such as Production Engineering, Production Management, and Plant Management
    Highly specialized professions including Management/IT/HR Consultant, Physician, Lawyer, Accountant, etc.

Search Process:

  • Step1 Consulting

    • Understand client’s business, industry environment, management strategy, corporate culture, etc.
    • Clarify client’s HR needs
    • Prepare position specification
    • Develop search strategy
  • Step2 Research on Candidates

    • List candidates based on our human network, information network, and database
    • Discover new candidates through industry research and sourcing
    • Prepare a long list of candidates
    • Selection of target candidates from the long list by conducting client-consultant meeting
  • Step3 Assessment

    • Contact candidates and conduct interviews by the consultant
    • Evaluate and select the candidates
    • Prepare candidate profile and our assessment report
    • Introduce candidates to the client and prepare a short list
  • Step4 Selection

    • Select candidates from the short list and conduct candidate interviews by the client
    • Confirm the final candidate’s intention for the position at the client company
    • Select the final candidate
    • Conduct reference checks (multiple inquiries)
    • Advise client to prepare an offer letter to the final candidate
  • Step5 Follow up

    • Advise the final candidate for the transition i.e. resignation from current employer and arrival at the new post
    • Follow-up periodically (1st, 3rd, 6th month after employment) with the final candidate after employment to support effective performance at the new position